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The Gold Club (50+)


Up-Sizing, Down-Sizing & Right-Sizing

Suzana and Aileen are dedicated to offering individualized services for Baby Boomers & Seniors who may be interested in making changes to their current home situation, in an effort to:

  • Find a larger home, to accomodate extended or returning family members;
  • Find a smaller home, that betters suites changing needs; or
  • Find a home that's just right, making day-to-day activities more enjoyable and easier to manage.

Suzana and Aileen offer specialized services which their 50+ clients may utilize as they assess their current residence and changing lifestyle needs.

Please click on what is an SRES for valuable information about the Seniors Real Estate Specialist designation.

For more details, view SRES benefits to find out how this specialized training can help you!      


You decide what’s best for you. Suzana and Aileen will help you get there. 

Call for more information about this special program (818) 632-9429.