Seven Simple Staging Tips
By Suzana
October 22, 2017

Selling a home can be tricky. You want any potential buyers to envision themselves living there. It may be difficult to envision that spare bedroom as a study if it is full of your Star Wars memorabilia or your kids old, discarded toys. Home staging helps fix this. Think about utilizing some of these tips before your next open house.

  1. De-clutter. When there is so much “stuff” to look at, buyers sometimes miss the important things like room size, floor plan, and architectural elements and character of a home. Clean ...
5 Tips for Sellers
By Suzana
January 25, 2017

It happens to all of us. One day you look around your home and realize some of the details are looking a little shabby. You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your home, so taking the time to upgrade and maintain it should remain on your to-do list, whether you are planning on selling or not. These small fixes can help your home maintain its’ value and protect your investment.

1. Switch up the hardware. Changing the hardware in your home can make a huge difference for very little ...