5 Tips for Sellers
By Suzana
January 25, 2017

It happens to all of us. One day you look around your home and realize some of the details are looking a little shabby. You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your home, so taking the time to upgrade and maintain it should remain on your to-do list, whether you are planning on selling or not. These small fixes can help your home maintain its’ value and protect your investment.

1. Switch up the hardware. Changing the hardware in your home can make a huge difference for very little money. The hardware in your home includes door knobs, cabinet pulls and hinges. Changing the hardware can make your doors and cabinets look like new and literally add some shine to your home. Make sure to do a thorough check for squeaky doors, loose hinges or skewed curtain rods.

2. Consider white. It is easy to dismiss white since you may be worried about it looking dirty but it is worth reconsid­ering. Finding a dining or coffee table at a flea market and giving it a brilliant cover of white will give you a beauti­ful focus piece for your home. Adding a bright accent piece can really liven up a room without the time and effort of completely repainting. And in case you need to paint, again, consider a fresh white-tone. It truly does make a room look bigger and goes with everything!

3. Make a wall arrangement. Have you ever walked through a cute shop or antique booth and looked at all the mixed match dinnerware? It is beautiful and you love it but you do not know what to do with it. A great idea is to take a variety of plates (in differing sizes, shapes and colors) and hang them on a wall. This is known as a “gallery wall” when you use framed or unframed artwork instead. You can hang them uniformly or in an interesting pattern to add character to any room. Don’t forget the designer’s trick of the trade – imagine splitting the wall in half, horizontally, then place the lowest part of your plates or frame just above it (more or less); this keeps your art work at eye level for an average height person. 

4. Get a move on. Take a look at the placement of your furniture. Is it all pushed up against the walls? Moving the fur­niture away from the walls, known as floating the furniture, can give you more seating and moving room. This creates a circular flow in the room. You can also create a small sitting area, with a couple of chairs and a small table. Sometimes an intimate nook in your home can make a whole room feel like new.

5. Clear the clutter. Walk through your home and look carefully at each space. Clutter can sneak up on us slowly, once we are used to seeing something somewhere we tend to overlook it. With a keen eye, gather up everything that is in the wrong place and put the clutter where it belongs. While you’re at it, clean mirrors, faucet handles and other over­looked parts of your house. Smudges and small scratches on walls can easily be removed with a foam “magic” eraser, and can eliminate the need to repaint.

Whether or not you’re in the market to sell your home, it is a good idea to continue maintenance and refresh your home from time to time. Your home may be one of your most important investments and let’s not forget, you live there! So, keeping it up is a win-win!